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After 50+ years of metaphysical research and traveling intensely all over this world for nearly 3 decades, we find that regardless of race, culture, gender or religion, most people want the same thing which is just to be healthy, happy and many also want to live in harmony as well!

So … In this website in our archives section you will find recipes for health, happiness and harmony within yourself and for our world.

Our pragmatic research has also shown that we can achieve all of the above via a frequency shift and so to do this we offer our new ONLINE courses!

You will also find so much more supporting data on  www.jasmuheen.com

plus our Embassy of Peace website  www.embassyofpeace.net

Why not enjoy our life enhancing Lifestyle Program via our online course?

This course is completely focused on the pragmatics of enjoying the rhythm of Health Happiness and Harmony on all levels!

Our Cosmic Internet Academy is all about positive and pragmatic change through holistic education and so we encourage you to look at all our online courses to see what interests you there!