Our Cosmic Colleagues


These are beings existing in other dimensions who are connected to those on earth who are co-creating an evolutionary path that benefits all.

There are the Universal Brotherhoods, representatives from various inter-dimensional star systems; members of the Intergalactic Federation of Worlds Councils – a cosmic UN – the Lords of Peace plus many others.

Here are some wonderful YouTube Videos that bring information on and from our Light Being friends:-

Below video -Jasmuheen introducing data on
the Universal Brotherhoods

Also interesting to watch …

To read:- You may also like to purchase and download Jasmuheen’s sixteenth book, “Divine Radiance: On the Road with the Masters of Magic”which describes her life with, and the modern day teachings of, these amazing beings.

She writes: “Somehow in the course of my life I have been blessed with both witnessing and experiencing pure Divine Radiance. When the Radiance reveals Itself we are captured by Its Splendor as we intuitively recognize Its power.

It has taken me decades to discover how when Its illumination enters our energy field, our bodies become irradiated by a laser beam of such perfect sustenance that all our appetites are fulfilled. This book is my attempt to describe Its delights.”

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It is in the cosmic sea that we find the layer of the light beings in a reality strong and true; there, existing independently of whether we choose to have such views. So below we offer insights into the lives of some of the Holy Ones who have been on earth.


Here a few insights and messages from our light being friends. Many modern day messages come from these realms through the process of channelling.

From Mother Mary: Spirit and reason go hand in hand and reason will deliver you to the embrace of spirit, for reason was birthed in spirit. Reason is like the sheep that come back home to the shepherd.

Times of contemplation will allow you to make peace with all aspects of your Being; to recognize your humanness and love all parts of you without judgment. Remember that love is the only real power of lasting transformation.

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To Read:- Cosmic-Colleagues-channelled-Insights; (PDF); plus book to enjoy:- “Cosmic Colleagues – Messages from the Masters.” A selection of loving, timeless and insightful channelled messages through Jasmuheen to inspire and support all through these changing times.

In this book Jasmuheen shares of her personal relationship with these ones. As Saint Germain once shared with her: The Master discerns which experience, he or she will have while dwelling in physical form in God’s kingdom.

The Master, through all realms of expression, creates around them in every now moment that which serves them fully in the awakened state in each now moment … Click here for more. E-book download AU$3.33.

 Jasmuheen on Ascension and Descension

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