Visions & Goals

 OUR WORLD continued …

Here are our Visions & Goals, plus our Goal Delivery Systems! We also add Indigenous Insights, Designer Outcomes plus insights re Earth’s Children

Improving health, happiness and harmony for all, by attending to global health and hunger problem areas, and also minimizing our carbon footprint via effective resource usage, as well as taking care of basic human rights – these are our goals!

Jasmuheen on holding the dream plus Grace evolution collective research. You may enjoy the following fun music video:- Just Say  Yes. In this case it is saying yes to the “Loving Life! Happy to be here! All is well for us All!’ reality.

The below video covers some of our programs and projects…

Making PERSONAL & GLOBAL HARMONY  happen via some slightly unusual tools of transformation.

All it requires is self mastery plus a little refinement of our existing global operating systems, so via our Global Harmonization Program (GHP), we offer Triple Win Solutions, programs to minimize global hunger; global warming and create the one people living in harmony on one planet reality.

We also achieve this goal via research to read, videos to watch, audio insights, plus our Pathways of Peace and specific meditations.

Here is an insightful videos you may wish to to view:-

To read:- Compassion – The Dalai Lama on Happiness and Compassion.


HARMONY WITH OUR EARTH – The focus of many of our Indigenous Elders is on harmonizing our energy rhythms with the Cosmic Heart and Gaia’s heart and working together in the web of Oneness and love.

With many Elders living in harmony within their world, they have now stepped forth to share a little of their wisdom with the message that we need to be more honoring and take better care of Mother Earth and that unless we do, very hard times will come.

They say we still have time to change our ways; that it’s not too late to listen and alter our path to create our “All is Well with All!”agenda.

For more on this plus meditations and videos click here.

These are outcomes that we specifically design and achieve through the understanding and application of the principles of the Science of I.D. – the higher light science that adheres to Universal law.


In Our World, a Designer Outcome is the fulfillment of our Visions & Goals via the Delivery Systems indicated above so we can relax and enjoy this time of transformation!


PERSONAL & GLOBAL HARMONY – We are who we are, we know what we know and we all have various models of reality.

The question is do our reality models allow the “All is well with all!” idea to be a truth, and if not, then can we fine-tune life here until we live in a world that enhances us all?

Triple Win solutions are resolutions to areas of conflict, that provide beneficial outcomes for our self, other people and our planet!

Global Harmonization becomes much easier when all that we do is good for all.

Taking care of each other with kindness and compassion aids in the creation of the “All is well with All!” goal which also means taking care of basic human rights as proposed in our Global Harmonization Program Projects. These are:-

1. The Prana Program which is designed to minimize and eventually eliminate any limiting health and hunger issues on individual and global levels.
2. The Madonna Frequency Planetary Peace Program which has 9 specific projects & lifestyle skills to minimize political, economic and environmental conflict by attending to basic human rights. See more below re this ….
3. The Interplanetary Education Program – creating beneficial paradigms for our selves, with others in our world and within our universe.

2014-jas-meditations-PRANIC-FEEDINGFeeding us all, respecting our earth – enjoying health, happiness and harmony personally and now also globally.

Minimizing Global Hunger & Global Warming – The Prana Program Project:- To fulfill our “Loving Life! Happy to be here! All is well with all!” goal, we need to take care of global health and hunger issues in ways that benefit our environment.

According to our Indigenous friends one cycle of being is ending and another is beginning, which requires a more effective use of our global resources.

While some in our world are developing alternate free energy systems and others are implementing green ecology; Peace Ambassador Jasmuheen offers her indepth research with the Prana Program to add another layer to it all.

For research books, videos, action plans and much more click here

MFPPP-cover-front-SMALLTaking care of each other …

The Madonna Frequency Planetary Peace Program has 9 specific projects & lifestyle skills that when applied will aid in the creation of a peace filled world by attending to basic human rights.

We know in metaphysics that what we focus on becomes real, for our energy feeds it. If we focus on fear, on war, that becomes our reality but if we shift this focus to “What can we do that is positive and beneficial for all?” then a new reality can begin.

When we are united in focus, being clear and committed, then there’s nothing we can’t achieve, provided we follow a few guidelines and get tuned to the “take care of each other and our environment, and honour Mother Earth” agenda which the Prana Program also helps with.

One People living in Harmony on One Planet – OPHOP:-

Being in this paradigm means we have fulfilled our “Loving Life! Happy to be here! All is well with all!” goal.

As we have shared already, this paradigm can be achieved by the fulfillment of The Embassy of Peace Programs plus the application of our more recent work, Pathways of Peace Pragmatics and all that is offered freely throughout our websites and YouTube channel.

Insights & Channelled Messages

  • Audio:- The role of some of our new children plus our Shaman – Doorways & Gatekeepers
  • Audio: Health & Earth’s Children – link to come soon.

To watch – YouTube Videos:-

To read: Progeny’s Pearls and Programs – helpful insights and programs to make life easier.

For global finetunement:- Love Breath Meditation plus Gaia & Indigenous Connection. Meditations to experience our “Loving Life! Happy to be here! All is well with all!” goal can be found here.


Love Breath Meditation:- The most significant meditation we can offer for the refinement of your personal rhythm into a more relaxed and peaceful state is the Love Breath Meditation. This meditation is designed to allow us to align more easily and powerfully to the divine essence within. It also incorporates specific mantras to allow this pure energy force to rise and flood through us and out into the world, thus feeding everything and to also relax us. This meditation is also designed to stimulate group unification and feelings of Oneness. Background Music by Robert Martin.

Gaia & Indigenous Connection Meditation:- This meditation is designed for knowing the kingdom of Mother Earth, and tuning more deeply to the essence of Gaia, so that we can live a more harmonious existence with all. It is also for connecting with the Rainbow Serpent of wisdom, the Indigenous Elders, the dreamweavers and dreamkeepers beyond time, to aid our world into a smoother transition into higher paradigms.