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The Best Me

Being the best me I can be …


Getting into that I loooove life groove…!

For so many, successful living is a life filled with good health, happiness and harmony, for others it is also about enjoying self sovereignty, or even feeling gratitude and peace, and so we offer the following:-

Understanding Our Personality and Our Essence and

applying health, heart and home harmonics

Enjoying A Fabulous Lifestyle Program for health on all levels.

Relationship  Revamps:- Happy Hearts; Harmonious Living!

DOW Power – Self Mastery and Systems of Support.

Step by Step – A compassionate action program with tools for transformation,

including meditations for health and harmony, plus insightful videos,

and relevant Pathways of Peace plus the

Science of I.D. and Future Humans – super-humans and other views.

And once all is tuned … Then What?

It is said that we have collectively entered into an incredible new field of possibility and so our potential is blossoming almost exponentially.

Growth in holistic ideals and spiritual awareness is now almost in line with growth in Information Technology and all is being revolutionized by the World Wide Web.

Via TV, movies, the internet, and general living, we are being irradiated by so many and in so many ways!

Here we offer paradigms of choice, regarding what we wish to create and radiate in our world, which adds other layers to fulfilling our “Loving Life, Happy to be Here” agenda.

Simplistically we have two pools of energy that we can be absorbed by. If we focus on our outer energy pool of our personality self, we will always be a little feel hungry for something.

If we turn our attention instead to our pure inner essence, then this energy pool will grow and nourish us as per our Pranic Living video. What we focus on grows.

sm-HEALTH-HEART-HOME-HARMONICS Health comes via attitudes and lifestyles and the healthier we become in body, heart, mind and spirit, the healthier our world becomes.

Being healthy means physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health which creates a healthy home and home planet.

As soon as we take our first breath in the world beyond the womb, we begin the game of energy field interaction with each of us doing our best, learning, growing, moving on and harmonizing with it all!

For more on this read The Harmonics of the Heart and Home

To Watch: HeartMath Research video plus HeartMath Institute research discussion with Jasmuheen (In English with German)

and also the video on Heart, Health & Happiness;

Jasmuheen discusses Pumping up the Volume of Divine love and chi to increase health and happiness levels and experience more grace and magic in life.

OS-relationships-revampOur relationships determine the quality of our life.

Firstly we have our relationship with our selves, as we discuss in DOW power and self mastery, and also our relationships with others – our family, our friends and our lovers, if we have them.

Then we have our relationship with our environment, Mother Earth and her nature, plus the cosmos and all of it is in a state of constant flux.

Still, here our goal is to bring out the best in each other which adds to our loving life experience.

We can also commit to ‘being the best me I can be!’ and to do this in harmony with all, requires self mastery.

With true self sovereignty we create more mutually nourishing harmonics. So below we offer insightful and pragmatic methods to revamp these relationships.

To read:- Attitudes, intentions, programming codes and communications – click Relationship Revamps for more! (PDF).

To watch:- YouTube video Diplomats of Love & Heart Happiness; Tantra and Blendings – Heart Talk with Jasmuheen – insights at Kumbh Mela 2010 that led to a deeper understanding of the blending. In this video Jasmuheen also discusses energy field harmonics and tantra.

To download and listen:- Relationships Upgrades meditation – introduction to this is below.

click for more on this meditation ….

2015-pure-essenceSelf Mastery and Internal Systems of Support – via the Divine One Within us.

For health, happiness and harmony and to fulfill the “Loving life, happy to be here and all is well with all” agenda, we have to acknowledge DOW power – the limitless internal resource of our pure and perfect ascended nature.

Without its guidance, love, light and energy we cannot achieve such lofty goals but with it … there is no limit to what an awakened individual and society can achieve! Falling in love and merging with our Divine essence – the Divine One Within us – is the most amazing journey we can take.

Some call our DOW, God, as it is all knowing, infinite, eternal and pure love. Aligning to its channel via our lifestyle and bathing in its rhythms is the most nourishing thing a human being can do as it brings us into a state of self mastery which influences all our relationships.

PowerPoint presentation Our DOW – The Divine One Within us all.

To watch: YouTube videos – Mantras & Tantra  and Telepathy.;

Heart Talk with Jasmuheen on the Divine One Within and Matrix Mechanics;

Jasmuheen on St Clare of Assisi and Divine Providence; English with Russian translation,

Jasmuheen shares from her St Petersburg seminar in 2005 about her first experience of Divine Love, its gifts and freedoms and changing molecular structure. In English & Russian.

So now we’ve read it, watched it, done some of it, heard it all .. but doing it consistently where required?

That calls for time and commitment, being pulled with ease into a flow we desire because we are coded into the right beat for this to happen as per the Science of I.D.

A compassionate action program: Over the last 4 decades, we have been working diligently to discover, formulate and then refine a pragmatic method of co-creating peace globally and individually, through self-knowledge and self-mastery. Click here for more …

Pragmatics :- True peace comes from self knowledge, from the experience of who we really are and understanding and also experiencing our true potential as an interconnected species!

We have already mentioned the relevant paths to be applied for successful living throughout each section above.

For more on the 12 Pathways of Peace and the Embassy of Peace Programs click here. Peace Paths fulfilled lead to Realms of Wonder (audio poem by Jasmuheen).

for Personal Fine-tunement! Our guided meditations have been created to improve individual health, happiness and harmony levels.

Click here for complete data on this in PDF format with associated links.

Also see our new Guided Meditations for Love & Tantra, Health, Higher Communication, Alchemy, Revitalization, Pranic Feeding and more!

Technology and Consciousness. As we continue on in our current path of evolution, there are currently a few interesting pathways opening up before us.

One pathway is huge exponential technological expansion as per the ideas of Transhumanism and Ray Kurzweil where nanotechnology is set to create a super-enhanced, and maybe even immortal, human species via eliminating genetic weakness.

Click here for more …


Inter-Dimensional Science (I.D.) – Independent of ideology and good intentions, there is also a science that offers a step by step process to retune any world. Inter-dimensional energy field science allows us to navigate our way through the Matrix of Creation in ways that allow us to relax and enjoy it all.

Click here for more …

Codes of Alignment can change our position and experience in the Matrix of Creation. Here is a small sample of some that have worked well for many.

Click here for more …

Once we are living successfully in self mastery we naturally become altruistic and service minded so then we move onto the Global Harmonization Program offered by the Embassy of Peace at Our World.


Meditations for Health

HEALTH & HEALING:– Experiencing health on physical, emotional, mental and also spiritual levels is important to us all and this is what our meditation series will focus on in depth.

2014-jas-meditations-healthThe below meditations are designed to facilitate health and healing and are best utilized in conjunction with our Love Breath Meditation as Divine Love can transform all dis-ease as can the other meditations listed under Revitalization.

For more data on what each one does, click on the links below where you will find a brief introduction audio and video link plus a link to the more detailed meditation itself.





So if being healthy, happy, peace filled and living harmoniously with all life appeals to you then come and add your energy to our Retreats and Gatherings, or share with others what works for you in our channels and/or subscribe to our newsletter and keep up-to-date with our latest research!



Insights into Cancer

With the rhythm of cancer rising in our world, in the below video Jasmuheen shares a little of her own journey with this vibrational imbalance and what she has applied to rebalance it.

She has also written an in depth manual called Harmonious Healing, that highlights the reality of cancer and how to re-balance it, in much greater detail.

HARMONIOUS-HEALING-front-cover-smallHarmonious Healing & The Immortal’s Way

Jasmuheen writes: “In late 2004, I found myself diagnosed with a deadly carcinoma. Known for my radical and alternative approach to life, I began an adventure into the alternative healing field discovering radical new light ray and sound wave technologies, diagnostic tools and also therapies based on ancient aboriginal Dreamtime Healing.

My journey dealing with family and friends, and potential information overload, led me to understand the need for not just having dependable personal discernment as to selecting the right path for harmonious healing but also to understanding that what we have created we can uncreate and that our body consciousness holds the perfect key to the healing path for us all.

Today one in four adults die unnecessarily from one of the seven deadly diseases. Perhaps it is due to a lack of holistic education or perhaps it is just their time. If it is their time can they die with dignity and should they have the choice to know about and utilize the ancient method of self-euthanasia used by the lamas throughout time?

What is this ancient method and can it be misused? How do we know if what we are facing is our check-out time or just a challenge?

What about spontaneous healing and healers like the Brazilian miracle man John of God? All of this I explored during the early part of 2005 …”

Alternate Nutrition Research for Heath

C.I.A. creator, Jasmuheen has spent over four decades researching alternate nutrition systems that can help to eliminate so many global health and hunger issues, below are a few insights on this.

Living on Light – Pranic Nourishment “Must See” videos

small-PRANA-NOURISHMENTBelow – Jasmuheen’s multilingual video on Pranic Living that she filmed with Supreme Master TV.

Below video – 2 Hour Interview with Jasmuheen on her journey with Pranic Nourishment – filmed for the In The Beginning There Was Light Documentary.

Link to “In The Beginning There Was Lightdocumentary.

The below interview was filmed with Jasmuheen by Goddess University!

For more videos on Jasmuheen’s Alternate Nutrition Research, see her YouTube channel Playlist on this.

You may also enjoy her more in-depth research on this topic at her Living on Light webpage.

If being healthy, happy, peace filled and living harmoniously with all life appeals to you then come and add your energy to our Retreats and Gatherings, or share with others what works for you in our channels and/or subscribe to our newsletter and keep up-to-date with our latest research!

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Videos for Health

Want to be healthier?

2015-healthyIt’s all about Lifestyle as so many know!

While we have developed a highly successful preventative medicine type lifestyle that can eliminate many health issues in our world, it is also amazing how much our dietary choices influence our health!

To be well informed on how many diseases are triggered by diet, we recommend that everyone watches the amazingly insightful and well researched Forks Over Knives documentary (see trailer below) which examines the profound claim that most, if not all, of the degenerative diseases that afflict us can be controlled, or even reversed, by rejecting animal-based and processed foods.

Also a must see is the video Groundedsee their website and also watch their movie – healing using earths electromagnetic energy field. They state “Grounding is a really simple thing. So simple, it can even be confusing! Grounding simply means being connected to the Earth, literally touching it. It doesn’t cost anything; it’s free! You have already Grounded many times in your life. Any time you have walked barefoot in the grass or on the beach you were absorbing the Earth’s healing energy through your feet…”

If being healthy, happy, peace filled and living harmoniously with all life appeals to you then come and add your energy to our Retreats and Gatherings, or share with others what works for you in our channels and/or subscribe to our newsletter and keep up-to-date with our latest research!

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