For Us All!

Giving & Gifting back – keeping the balance via mutually enhancing support systems! 

Some say that the only way to keep perfect balance, to create no karma, is to willingly give from our hearts with no expectation of reward.

It is in this spirit that we share the For You! section. With  gifting and giving back, the idea is more about sharing, enjoying and supporting via enrgy donations.

  • Donating our time:- We can support each other in so many ways – giving freely of our insights, time and energy, taking from each other what feels right, being the best we can be, and passing it onto others to enjoy!
  • In all of this we are giving something to ourselves as we do it, and then gifting to others as we share what works for us. So here our gift is our time and energy.
  • To donate your time – fulfill what we recommend in this website, then share what works for you with others!
  • Donating financially:- Some people have less time and energy to share, yet they are happy to give back via financial contributions to causes that they feel are worthy.
  • We recognize this as a truth for some and so for all who wish to support our work and what we offer so freely in this website, plus in our sister site at, then of course you can make a donation.
  • To donate financially:- how to send donation via paypal

Cosmic Internet creator and founder of the Embassy of Peace,  Jasmuheen donates her time freely to fulfill the programs of the Embassy of Peace which she also personally financially supports via her annual tours! So big thanks for your donations of time and/or money! Here is Jasmuheen’s Background Bio.