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Sharing freely – Insightful & fun! It’s wonderful to be able to share so freely with each other at this time.

Below are some things for you to enjoy individually or in groups ….

Free e-books, meditations, musicinteresting articles & videos plus free audio on some of our Pathways of Peace.

Also see For Us All – Giving & Gifting back, keeping the balance via mutually enhancing support systems!

Free e-booksAt this link, you will find a selection of free e-books by Peace Ambassador Jasmuheen.

Throughout this site you will find many links to the free meditations that we offer on our YouTube Channel Meditation Magic Playlist.

Also try the following free 10 minute Love Breath Meditation – longer meditations are on our iTunes channel.

For fun & insight:- Music from Jasmuheen. Journeys – Rhythms  album – to download these songs individually, or as an album, from our iTunes store click here. The above songs can also be purchased individually from this site. Plus also her Life & Love album – to download these songs individually, or as an album, from our iTunes store – click here. 


At this link you can enjoy a few of the poems of the Pathways of Peace series and pragmatic manual.



Free Life Enhancing Videos:- Here are some wonderful YouTube Videos that pay homage to, or bring messages from our Light Being friends …

The InvitationYes; Message re Earth’s Children;

Future Worlds Future Humans; Oneness;

Synopsis, Keys, Solutions & Earth’s Children;

Descension & Ascension; plus Critical Mass & Programming Codes.

Also enjoy our free Video Playlist on:- Beings of Light & Holy Ones – Educational Videos for the Universal Harmonization Program & the Embassy of Peace.