C.I.A. Training-Events

In this section we look at the various types of support and training that we offer at the Self Empowerment Academy and the C.I.A. Apart from our free online courses, the Embassy of Peace also offers indepth training for Ambassadors of Peace and Diplomats of Love. Peace Ambassador and C.I.A. creator Jasmuheen also provides specific personalised training during her annual tours.

Ambassadors of Peace & Diplomats of Love Training:-

  • Training for the Ambassadors of Peace is via the Embassy of Peace Manual. The programs of the Embassy of Peace are covered in more detail in the Embassy of Peace manual’s introduction.
  • The training and gathering of the Diplomats of Love and Ambassadors of Peace will also continue in person with Peace Ambassador Jasmuheen as she tours. Click here to go to her annual tour schedule. During her retreats and weekend seminars she also provides training in the Embassy’s Personal, Global and Universal Harmonization Programs and training on Pranic Living with all of its health and environment benefits.
  • Training also happens via our online course which focuses on the 12 Pathways of Peace offered at the Embassy.
  • To help with our long term resource sustainability model we also offer intensive training in the Prana Program with Jasmuheen in person. Please note that every year Jasmuheen trains a small group of people in the Prana Program via the unusual process of Darkroom Retreats. Click here to find out more about these retreats.

Also see steps 1 to 8 below ...

  • Step 1:- Read through the free Embassy manual and familiarise yourself with the Programs and Projects of the Embassy of Peace.
  • Step 2:- Meditate on whether you wish to be involved with the Embassy’s Programs and Projects and whether you are an Ambassador of Peace and/or a Diplomat of Love.
  • Step 3:- Apply the Personal Harmonization Program and experience and enjoy the benefits that this lifestyle and attitude change will bring.
  • Step 4:- Utilise the YouTube videos as indicated throughout the Embassy manual – especially the meditations – so that your personal frequency will magnetise you naturally into the paradigms that we are discussing.
  • Step 5:- Do your own research into the paradigms suggested and discussed within the manual and use your personal discernment as to what is perfect for you to be involved in. Always remember you are your own master and to trust your own inner guidance once this is flowing clearly.
  • Step  6:- Understand and apply Universal Law in all aspects of your own life.
  • Step 7:- With sincerity, in meditation, ask the Universal Field of Infinite Love and Intelligence (the U.F.I.) to harmoniously integrate you into all networks that you may need to connect with to support the Embassy of Peace paradigm into fruition in a way that is beneficial for all.
  • Step 8:- Be always aware that our real training in perfect co-creation comes from the one true guru, which is the Divine One Within us all (our DOW), that pure and perfect part of ourselves that is our own enlightened nature, that part that blossoms as we recognise it, meditate upon it and live the lifestyle to enhance it.

If you wish to be kept up to date with the Ambassadors and Diplomats Training programs please leave your email address under the relevant section for this at this link and study the free manuals provided for this purpose.

Personalised Training on Pranic Living and also the Pathways of Peace:- During her 2011 & 2012 tour time Jasmuheen continued to share what is involved with each pathway so that pragmatic peaceful changes can happen with joy, ease and Grace. Her emphasis is always on understanding the rhythms of true harmony, being the guru within plus the personal and global benefits and ‘how to’ of pranic living. Jasmuheen’s annual travel schedule & event calendar.