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Welcome to the cosmic sea we call OUR UNIVERSE and the simple science life runs by!

Fulfilling the suggestions in the Our Selves and Our World sections of this website, means that many are now Loving Life, are Happy to be Here and that we are also now refining ourselves into the All is Well with All paradigm, which will take us into a new dimension of operation!

So in Our Universe we briefly address the Past; then we look more intensely at our metaphysical Present and what many know now, before moving on to assess the Future plus Enchanted Kingdoms.

In the past we have had our messengers, our shaman and our sages, as well as our own personal journeys.

Many are having the “Loving life, happy to be here” experience, relaxing and enjoying it all, for they understand the science of life.

For those in this space, you may enjoy the We did it! audio poem or We Did It – YouTube movie of acknowledgment.

As we said in Our World, we are who we are, we’ve learned and the past is gone and each new moment is a present, for in each new moment we create anew!

We are only as influenced by the past as we allow ourselves to be – coming fully into each new now moment also allows for deeper awareness of the pure Essence in all.

  • Video:- Indian Yogi’s and Love Harmonics with Jasmuheen
  • Recommended reading/listening:- Eckhard Tolle’s The Power of Now – at eh C.I.A. we prefer the audio book version as his voice has the vibration of his excperience.

Despite what else we know, right here and right now, many have gained awareness of the Science of Life, including Universal Law; and through certain lifestyles they have experienced other dimensions and found Communications Systems like the Innernet and C.N.N. – the Cosmic Nirvana Network!

Many have had contact with our Cosmic Colleagues; felt the essence of the Holy Messengers; heard many Messages; walked Paths of Peace; and also applied Insightful Programs which include E.T. and U.F.O. knowledge via specific meditations!

With all of this in place they now exist in a state of loving life, are happy to be here and all is well with their world!

 We determine our future by what we focus on in the present, by our lifestyles, attitudes and actions..

Many worlds have been where we are now and like us, they have been challenged to refine their operating systems and then risen into a new dimension of possibility.

Here we discover the cosmic sea, where we swim in the essence of the matrix of creation to become conscious of how creation is run, and the universal laws that drive it all.

There are billions of star systems within the multi-verses and billions of planets with various life forms with all of it blending and gelling and merging according to the laws of magnetic attraction. By changing personal and global frequency emanations we can live in any realm we choose, knowing what’s available helps with this choice!

Apply our Step by Step program below to tune to the perfect future.

To watch:-

So now what then awaits us in this cosmic sea?
Freedom, health and happiness are a joyous place to be?
A sense of pride and purpose, of knowing all is well,
of being in alignment with a higher spell?

I’m sure you’ll guess, the answer’s yes!

The Cosmic Nirvana Network – C.N.N. – plus the Innernet – just as we have the internet on earth, we also have the inner-net for those who tune to the multiverses on an inter-dimensional level via their silent times and meditations. There are layers within layers in the matrix of creation.

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These are beings existing in other dimensions who are connected to those on earth who are co-creating an evolutionary path that benefits all.

There are the Universal Brotherhoods, representatives from various inter-dimensional star systems; members of the Intergalactic Federation of Worlds Councils – a cosmic UN – the Lords of Peace plus many others.

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Here a few insights and messages from our light being friends. Many modern day messages come from these realms through the process of channelling.

From Mother Mary: Spirit and reason go hand in hand and reason will deliver you to the embrace of spirit, for reason was birthed in spirit. Reason is like the sheep that come back home to the shepherd.

Times of contemplation will allow you to make peace with all aspects of your Being; to recognize your humanness and love all parts of you without judgment. Remember that love is the only real power of lasting transformation.

As Saint Germain once shared with her: The Master discerns which experience, he or she will have while dwelling in physical form in God’s kingdom. The Master, through all realms of expression, creates around them in every now moment that which serves them fully in the awakened state in each now moment …

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The Inner plane beings that many now connect with, have offered through Jasmuheen, the 12 poetic Pathways of Peace, which when applied, will allow us to exist in highly civilized realms where all is well with all!

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We also have the Universal Harmonization Program which is being offered so that people can be more aware of what will occur to our planet once we harmonize ourselves on both personal and global levels.

It is said that Earth is rising through the dimensions to join more civilized realms.

Will we suddenly find ourselves existing in another dimension with other beings of advanced consciousness? If so who are they?

What are the Universal Nations? Who are the Lords of Peace? What is the Intergalactic Federation of World’s Council?

How evolved do we need to be to attract the most supreme Cosmic Colleagues to us from within the web of life?

Is there a science to explain the existence of Beings of Light? What is the paradigm of Divine marriage and how does it help to create a peace-filled world? And then we have …

E.T.'s, U.F.O.'s and more

Also as Extraterrestrial existence has now been acknowledged via many sources, then:- What is Exopolitics and what has C.S.E.T.I. discovered? What are portals of possibility?

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Assess all the data available in this website, read, listen, watch the free YouTube videos and – with discernment – do what we recommend of what feels right for you. Remember we can create any model of reality we desire, the question is again, do our personal models allow us to experience as truth the “Loving Life! Happy to Be Here! All is Well with All!” agenda? Also does our reality model fill our life with joy, love and Grace? If not then what do we need to change? Be open to create the highest paradigm for all!

Enchanted Kingdoms

Enjoy also our Enchanted Kingdom series which shares Universal wisdom in an educational yet entertaining and fun ‘science fiction’ type way!