Science of I.D.


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The Science of I.D. – the science behind harmonious existence.

What is it and How to utilize it so that we can manifest the perfect live that fills our heart with gratitude and our lives with Grace!

Inter-Dimensional Energy Field Science – what we call the Science of I.D. – is the Science that runs all life and once known and applied, makes enjoying the paradigm of health, happiness and harmony much easier!

Part 1 of 5 part series on Energy Field Science

Part 2 of 5 part series on Energy Field Science

While we have the balance of this – parts 3, 4 & 5 on our YouTube Playlist on this Science, we also need to understand the Universal Laws that govern this science.

Universal Laws

These provide worlds with a new system of operation to help create the “All is Well with All” reality. Although there are many, the below Universal Laws allow us to live life with greater awareness, joy, ease and Grace. The three main laws we need to be aware of are:-

  1. The Law of One which basically says that we are all cells in one energy body, therefore we are all connected in the matrix, and our vibrations continually affect the whole to greater or lesser degrees. What drives or feeds the Law of One, is the Law of Love.
  2. The Law of Love states that all life, all atoms, all molecules and all energy fields have come into existence due to the Love of the original force of creation. It also states that when we treat all life with love, honor and respect as if It is part of us, then the Law of Love will magnetize us to Its river of Grace and embrace us back into Itself as one of Its own – it is here where we are nourished and reborn!
  3. The Law of Resonance states that like attracts like, that the universe literally rearranges itself to mirror back to us our own consciousness. This is because energy expands, attracts like frequencies and then comes back to its original transmission source.

In the below video Jasmuheen shares of the Web of Oneness

Videos on the above Universal laws plus many others and their application in creating positive change plus permanent peace on earth are available on our YouTube channel at these links. Part 1; Part 2; Part 3;  Part 4

 Once we understand and then apply and live by these Laws, it is also important to support this via a lifestyle alignment and via specific programs of intention and COSMIC ATTUNEMENT meditations which we cover on other pages of this website.

Here is a channeled message on Critical Mass by Jasmuheen.

C.I.A. creator Jasmuheen shares about refinement:- “I have come to understand that the web of love – that passes through all life – has been imprinted by all kingdoms through all time.

Hence all knowledge is held in this matrix and what we focus on we draw out of this invisible inner plane web into the visible world.

How we view or experience this matrix is always a changing panorama that reflects the expansion or contraction of our own consciousness.

We can feel and see the discordant rhythms in the fields that pulse there as a reflection of the dominant consciousness of humankind, and the status quo belief systems, or we can refine ourselves further into subtler realms and see and feel a new beat altogether.

All of it depends on what we hunger for.”

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Technology and Consciousness. As we continue on in our current path of evolution, there are currently a few interesting pathways opening up before us.

One pathway is huge exponential technological expansion as per the ideas of Transhumanism and Ray Kurzweil where nanotechnology is set to create a super-enhanced, and maybe even immortal, human species via eliminating genetic weakness.

Another pathway is the natural yet dynamic expansion of human consciousness as proposed by many meditators, spiritualists, leading new age thinkers and metaphysicians; so that we experience both personal and global enlightenment.

While many of our metaphysicians feel that we have now entered into a time where any system that does not support the greater good will crumble, it is important to understand what some of earth’s leading futurists are saying.

Hence we would also like to provide a little data on future technological trends and expectations in our world as proposed by both the Transhumanists and also Ray Kurzweil author of ‘The Singularity is Near – When Humans Transcend Biology’.

Recommended reading:- Future Humans & Transhumanism plus

additional Embassy Insights and Heart Math research – extracts from the  Personal Harmonization Program

plus Inspiring YouTube Videos:- Oneness plus  Descension & Ascension.

Understanding the science of life via Inter-dimensional energy field science plus Hook-ins, Blendings and Merging plus additional Codes of Alignment.

After decades of constant travel, meeting and sharing with hundreds of thousands of people, we know that everyone is hungry for something and that there is thankfully a free source of nourishment that can eliminate all human hungers.

We know that when we tap into this nourishing source we can move into the deepest states of inner peace and contentment, in ways that allow our individual presence to enhance our world.

We also know that as each individual comes into a state of personal harmony – by understanding and unifying all aspects of their own nature – then so too will our world be harmonized via better systems of conscious operation that hold a focus of manifesting that which is for the highest good of all.

Jasmuheen writes: “I like science and the knowledge that all of this can unfold via simple methodology of choosing to be magnetized into certain energy currents that will achieve our personal and global goals.I call Inter-dimensional energy field science, the science of I.D. Beyond religion life is just about energy flows and exchanges that either nourish or not.”