Our Best Selves

We all have those times when we truly feel as if we love life, as everything is just great! Maybe we don’t know how it has happened, but it has, so we are happy!

Being able to be consistent with this experience is what this page is about so here we focus on the lifestyle that we have proven time and time again can both attain then maintain this consistent state of health, happiness and harmony.

2015-lifestylesThe Luscious Lifestyles Program – L.L.P. – has been designed to create fitness on all levels of our being regardless of our culture and religion.

Based on Biofield Science principles, this holistic lifestyle improves health and happiness levels, increases our mental clarity and intuitive capacities, stimulates the expression of our Divine nature and makes us more compassionate, altruistic people.

How we choose to spend our time is the key to loving life!

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The buddy system of support works great!

Why not put yourself and your friends through an 11 week change your lifestyle course? Download this amazing life changing program from this link, then apply and share it with your friends and family!

Below, Jasmuheen shares a little of the
Luscious Lifestyles Program
at the Raw Spirit Festival in Sedona.

Francois Voltaire, French philosopher and author, said – “I decided to be happy because it is healthy.

You may also enjoy our more in-depth videos on this lifestyle. L.L.P. 1 – Meditation Magic; plus L.L.P. 2 – Prayer; L.L.P. 3 – programming & mind mastery – Part 1; Part 2; L.L.P. 4 – vegetarianism click here plus Parts 5 to 8 of the above Lifestyle – using exercise, service, silence and song; this last video also shares the benefits of this lifestyle (as listed above).

Also …we have our free Mood Enhancer Meditation plus our Life Clarity video to help you gain clarity regarding what you wish to manifest in your life as per the principle of the universal law of attraction.

To increase your energy flow apply our Chakra Column meditation; plus our Brain Food meditation to help increase mental clarity.

To Do:- Apply this 8 point lifestyle on a day to day basis and feel its benefits.

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