Being Our Best Version Selves

We all have those times when we truly feel as if we love life, as everything is just great! Maybe we don’t know how it has happened, but it has, so we are happy! Being able to be consistent with this experience is what this page is about so here we focus on the lifestyle that we have proven time and time again can both attain then maintain this consistent state of health, happiness and harmony.

2015-lifestylesThe Luscious Lifestyles Program – L.L.P. – has been designed to create fitness on all levels of our being regardless of our culture and religion. Based on Biofield Science principles, this holistic lifestyle improves health and happiness levels, increases our mental clarity and intuitive capacities, stimulates the expression of our Divine nature and makes us more compassionate, altruistic people.

How we choose to spend our time is the key to loving life!

So why not do our new Online Luscious Lifestyles Course?

Online Course – The Luscious Lifestyle Program for Health, Happiness and Harmony

Obtaining and maintaining the rhythm of health, happiness and harmony on all levels in our life!
Perhaps this should be our first online course as it is the frequency we gain as a consequence of our lifestyle and how we spend our time that determines everything especially the quality of our lives!
 This course is a wonderful way to move through this next 2020-2030 time of great change in a healthy, happy and harmonious rhythm! 

In this below video Jasmuheen shares a little on global affairs during this pandemic time and the need to stay or become healthy and strong on all levels which we can do by our lifestyle. This video is also a basic introduction to the powerful Luscious Lifestyle Program that the Embassy of Peace has been working with in 55 countries that has transformed the lives of millions of people so that they can enjoy the rhythm of health, happiness and harmony in their lives in a more consistent way.

Below is a brief insight on this lifestyle …

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The buddy system of support works great!

Why not put yourself and your friends through an 11 week change your lifestyle course? Download this amazing life changing program from this link, then apply and share it with your friends and family!

Francois Voltaire, French philosopher and author, said – “I decided to be happy because it is healthy.

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Other online courses that support knowing and being our Best version selves: –

Living a Life of Effortless Ease and Grace – A powerful intensive with videos, meditations plus a detailed work book to transform life into a magical, effortless journey of great joy and Grace by utilizing Higher Light Science principles. This methodology has literally transformed thousands of lives over more than three decades. See more in the below video introduction. Please note we expect this course with its exercises to take around 2-3 months for you to get the best long term results! Do it slowly and you will see the changes!

The Alchemy of Source Feeding – This will be a Course like no other as 70 Beings of Light from the Unified Realms share the methodology that they used to eliminate all health and hunger issues in their Earth type worlds.
This is a program of ascension where we maximize the flow of our vital life force – chi, Essence, prana – until we have no more physical, emotional, mental and spiritual hungers!
This data is brand new to Earth and will be based around Jasmuheen’s 2020 book – “The Freedom Matrix – Being Source Fed”.

The Alchemy of Health and Healing – This powerful and pragmatic Course will cover things like:-

  • How to be healthy on all levels of our being.
  • Spontaneous Healing – requirements and triggers
  • Activating and working with the Inner Healer Alchemist for self-healing and rebalancing when required.
  • Letting go of the past – forgiveness and taking back power and more.
  • Our microbiome health and its role as a second brain.
  • The purpose and power of fasting as a quick biosystem reset. 
  • The preventative medicine lifestyle.
  • Being physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually healthy and whole.
  • The Game of Immortality plus the illusionary nature of death.
  • The Lightbody Matrix of Perfected Health and how to trigger it.
  • Applying the Christed Healing Techniques …
  • Life script rewriting and rebalancing past time line influences that may ne blocking our ability to attain and maintain health on all levels

Personal Fine-tuning leads to global fine-tuning so let’s go on to OUR INCREDIBLE WORLD