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Alternate Nutrition Research for Heath

C.I.A. creator, Jasmuheen has spent over four decades researching alternate nutrition systems that can help to eliminate so many global health and hunger issues, below are a few insights on this.

Living on Light – Pranic Nourishment “Must See” videos

small-PRANA-NOURISHMENTBelow – Jasmuheen’s multilingual video on Pranic Living that she filmed with Supreme Master TV.

Below video – 2 Hour Interview with Jasmuheen on her journey with Pranic Nourishment – filmed for the In The Beginning There Was Light Documentary.

Link to “In The Beginning There Was Lightdocumentary.

The below interview was filmed with Jasmuheen by Goddess University!

For more videos on Jasmuheen’s Alternate Nutrition Research, see her YouTube channel Playlist on this.

You may also enjoy her more in-depth research on this topic at her Living on Light webpage.

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